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Winter Squash

Whether you enjoy soups or salads, savoury or sweet, there's a squash for all your needs. A good source of fibre and vitamins A and C.

Green Acorn (Not Available)

  • Its yellow-orange flesh offers a mildly sweet and nutty flavour with a somewhat dry texture. Lower in starch than many other winter squash types
  • When cooked the skin is edible making the squash ideal halved, baked and used as a bowl stuffed with meats, cheese, grains, soups, or other vegetables. Cooked green acorn squash can be added to soups, stews, curries, risotto, and pasta. 
Green Acorn Squash, Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

White Acorn (Not Available)

  • Its pale yellowish-gold flesh is mild and sweet, with a smooth, delicate texture
  • Ideal for use in sweet preparations but can be utilized in a variety of savoury dishes as well. They can be roasted, broiled, grilled or baked. May be pureed and added to soups, risotto, curries or baked goods. Great to half and stuff
White Acorn Squash, Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

Buttercup Squash (Not Available)

  • It’s dry, smooth textured and deep-orange flesh offers a sweet and mild flavour, similar to that of a sweet potato
  • Great when baked, steamed or roasted. Cooked flesh can be pureed and used as a filling for pies and ravioli or added to soups, risottos, sauces and curries
Buttercup Squash, Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

Butternut (Not Available)

  • When cooked the flesh of the butternut squash is tender and offers a mild squash flavour with sweet and nutty nuances
  • Bake, steam, roast or grill. Makes an excellent addition to curries, chili, soups, stews, and risotto. Dice and use in lieu of potatoes in a hash or serve atop pizza and flatbread
Butternut Squash, Cookstown Greens, Organic Produce

Carnival (Not Available)

  • Firm, dry flesh. Sweet, nutty and buttery flavour. 
  • It can be steamed, boiled or sautéed though best when roasted (to achieve its optimal flavour and texture).
Carnival Squash , Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

Gold Pippen (Not Available)

  • Golden, dense, dry flesh with a rich, chestnutty texture and flavour
  • Roasting, baking, grilling and broiling. They can be halved or stuffed with a variety of sweet or savoury fillings.
Gold Pippen Squash, Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

Blue Hubbard (Not Available)

  • Golden yellow, fine grained and dense flesh. Tender and starchy with a rich and semi -sweet squash flavour similar to that of cooked pumpkin
  • Roast, boil or steam. Can be used in recipes wherever pumpkin or butternut squash is called for
Blue Hubbard Squash Cookstown Greens, Organic Produce, Foraged

Pie Pumpkin (Not Available)

  • Excellent sweet flavour and texture
  • Most commonly used for baking
Pie Pumpkin, Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

Red Kuri/Potimarron (Not Available)

  • Its creamy, yellow flesh offers a smooth texture and sweet flavour that is reminiscent of chestnuts
  • Great when roasted. Add cooked squash to soups, risotto, stews, and curries. Grate flesh and bake into gratins or casseroles. Pureed squash can also be used in sweet preparations
Red Kuri Squash, Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

Red Kabocha (Not Available)

  • Exceptionally sweet flavour and smooth dry textured. Known to be one of the sweetest on the market
  • Can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Steamed, roasted, baked, grilled or braised. Flesh is dry and will hold up well when added to soups or stews. Can be pureed and used as fillings in ravioli, pies or in puddings
Sunshine Kabocha Squash, Cookstown Greens Organic Produce

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