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Farm Direct Pickup

Visit our farm in Essa Township, located one hour north of Toronto, to pick up your produce order and experience our farm-fresh flavour.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickups are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10am-4pm, and Saturdays by appointment only. Please provide 24 hours notice. 

When you arrive, if your box is not on the deck ring the doorbell or call 705-458-9077. Please do not enter the working shed.  

Our COVID Protocols

Current Products & Price List

Cookstown Greens Produce

 Roots Mixed Beets $4 per lb
Mixed Heirloom Carrots $4 per lb
Celeriac $4 per lb
Amarosa, German Butterball, Penny, Purple
$4 per lb
Parsnips $4 per lb
Parsley Root $4 per lb
Jerusalem Artichokes $4 per lb
Winter Radish $4 per lb
Rutabaga $4 per lb
Purple Top Turnip $4 per lb
 Onions & Garlic

Red & Yellow Round

French Rose

$4 per lb
Microgreens Availability varies weekly $5 per 100 g
Mushrooms Blue Oyster, Lion's Mane, Shiitake $8 per 200g
Seconds Bags (damaged, misshapen etc)

Your choice of:

Beets, Potato,  Carrots, Parsnip & Parsley Root

$10 per 5 lbs

*Soup Bags contain just as tasty 2nds, may be broken or misshapen.

Other Local Farm Products

Williams Farms Maple Syrup $18 per 500 ml
Innisfil Creek Honey Unpasteurized Honey $10 per 500 g

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Farm. Fresh. Flavour.

Experience our farm-fresh flavour when you pickup your produce directly from our farm, located one hour north of Toronto in beautiful Essa Township. 

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