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Farm Direct Pickup

Visit our farm in Essa Township, located one hour north of Toronto, to pick up your produce order and experience our farm-fresh flavour.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickups are available on Thursdays and Fridays. Please provide 24 hours notice. 

When you arrive, if your box is not on the deck ring the doorbell or call 705-458-9077. Please do not enter the working shed.  

Our COVID Protocols

Current Products & Price List

Cookstown Greens Produce

Roots Mixed Beets $4 per lb
Mixed Heirloom Carrots $4 per lb
Pink Lady, German ButterballYellow Fingerling, Amarosa, Penny, Purple
$4 per lb
Parsnips $4 per lb
Parsley Root $4 per lb
Rutabaga $4 per lb
Jerusalem Artichokes $4 per lb
Celeriac $4 per lb
Winter Turnips  $4 per lb
Winter Radish $4 per lb
Winter Squash Green Acorn White Acorn , Carnival, Pie Pumpkin $2 per lb
 Onions Shallots $6 per lb
  Red and White Round Onion $6 per 2lb bag
Microgreens Availability varies weekly $5 per 100 g
Mushrooms Available January 2022
Dried Tomatoes $4 per 50g
Smoked Tomatoes dried tomatoes are rehydrated and smoked with applewood $5 per 50g
Seconds Bags (damaged, misshapen etc) Beets, Carrots, Potato, Onions, Parsnips, Parsley Root $10 per 5 lbs

*Soup Bags contain just as tasty 2nds, may be broken or misshapen.

Other Local Farm Products

Avalon Orchards Organic Apple Cider $5.50 per L
Avalon Orchards Apple Cider Vinegar $6.50 per 500 ml
Williams Farms Maple Syrup $15 per 500 ml
Innisfil Creek Honey Unpasteurized Honey $8 per 500 g

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Farm. Fresh. Flavour.

Experience our farm-fresh flavour when you pickup your produce directly from our farm, located one hour north of Toronto in beautiful Essa Township. 

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