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Spagetti Squash

Organic Winter Squash | Cookstown Greens | Organic Produce | GTA

Cookstown Greens grows spagetti squash in the winter months between November to February. 


Spagetti Squash is small to medium in size with an oblong and cylindrical shape, similar to a melon. The rind is firm, smooth, and depending on the variety, transforms from green to a vibrant yellow or pale-yellow when mature. 


Its flavor is so mild that it easily absorbs the flavors of that which it is prepared with.

Common Uses

Best suited for cooked applications such as roasting, steaming, and baking. The rind is very hard and tough, so the squash can be cooked whole or sliced in half for faster cooking. Once cooked, the flesh can be shredded with a fork to make the stringy noodles that the squash is known for. 

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