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Cookstown Greens Growing Season

The growing season is short in Ontario and some vegetables come and go in a flash. At Cookstown Greens we grow seasonal produce year-round in our greenhouses and fields. 

If you want to make the most of your favourite, seasonal, organic vegetables make sure you know the seasonal availability and harvesting schedule of your local farms.

This can differ somewhat, from farm to farm, depending on the region. For example, in Ontario, you'll probably see sweet corn from the Niagara region before farms located north of Toronto because the climate is slightly different.

Cookstown Greens Seasonal Availability

Our Seasonal Availability chart provides a rough guideline of the availability of our produce. Each year it may differ slightly due to weather conditions. Hopefully, it'll help you plan your menu, and look forward to fantastic, fresh, seasonal vegetables. You can print it out and put it on your fridge for the season! 

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Cookstown Greens Greenhouses

We have 8 greenhouses at Cookstown Greens.

Microgreens are grown year-round in 2 of these greenhouses, which are heated with propane in the colder months so we can continue to offer these nutritionally dense and flavourful greens even in our cold Canadian winters. 

4 greenhouses are home to our tomatoes from mid-April to the end of September. You can enjoy the fruits of our tomato labour starting in July.

The other greenhouses are either rested, so the soil has time to rebuild its nutrients or used to grow our vibrant marigolds in the colder months, whose petals you can find in our seedling salad (we’ll transplant these flowers outside when it’s warm enough).

We also use the warmth and protection of our greenhouses to start growing (from seed, in cell packs) some of the select seasonal veggies that we offer in the summer months. When they are big enough, like the flowers, we’ll also transplant them outside.

Cookstown Greens Greenhouses

Cookstown Greens Lettuce Greenhouse

Farm. Fresh. Flavour.

Experience our farm-fresh flavour when you pickup your produce directly from our farm, located one hour north of Toronto in beautiful Essa Township. 

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