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Mixed Heirloom Carrots

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Cookstown Greens grows a variety of heirloom carrots that are available year-round and sold in bulk (two pounds).

Carrot Varieties

With a rainbow of colours and a new flavour for each, our organic carrots will excite the eyes, stimulate the taste buds and start conversations.

  • Orange Nantes Carrots are 5.5”-6.5” in length with a near-perfect cylindrical root and a blunt tip. They have deep orange skin and flesh, with a sweet and mild flavour. 
  • Purple Haze Carrots are 6”-8” in length with a slender root.  They have dark purple skin with a bright orange interior, with a sweet flavour. 
  • Rainbow Carrots are 7"-8" in length with a slender root. They grow in a variety of colours from paler oranges, to yellows and white.  They are sweet in flavour.
  • Yellow Stone Carrots are up to 8" in length with a long smooth root.  They have canary-yellow skin and flesh, with full-flavour.  
  • White Carrots are 7"-8" in length. They have white skin and flesh, with a crisp and very sweet flavour.

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Experience our farm-fresh flavour when you pickup your produce directly from our farm, located one hour north of Toronto in beautiful Essa Township. 

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