Cookstown Greens

The Family Behind the Farm

Our passion is to grow great food and give our customers a great food experience.

We focus on using the best organic methods to produce nutritious and flavourful vegetables and keeping our soil and the ecosystem healthy, which creates a happy and healthy environment for our staff.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions or visit us at the farm!

Vicky Ffrench

Vicky communicates with our customers every week to take their orders. She organizes the washing, harvesting and packaging of the vegetables for our chefs, stores and farmers' markets and prepares our driver to hit the road every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for deliveries. If you call the farm she will likely be the one to answer.

Mike Ffrench

Mike does all the field planning, which means he decides which fields will be used to grow crop each year, which fields will be rested and when things will be planted. He organizes and works with our farm workers in the field during the growing season prepping beds, planting, harvesting and field maintenance (aka weeding). In the winter he manages the greenhouses and lends his muscle in the shed, where we are washing and packing organic vegetables every day.

Vicky & Mike Ffrench, Cookstown Greens, Organic Produce

Catriona Ffrench

Cat focuses on making our produce as accessible as possible, to as many of you as possible, in stores, restaurants and at farmers' markets. She writes our blog and works on marketing and business development.

Catriona Ffrench, Cookstown Greens, Organic Produce

Caroline Ffrench

Caroline takes care of all the administration and accounts. She also plans and manages Field 1, which is where all of our edible flowers, herbs and garnishes are grown in the summer.  

Lily, her granddaughter, loves visiting the farm and eating purple haze carrots!

Caroline Ffrench, Cookstown Greens, Organic Produce

We are also very lucky to have the support and advice from our dad, Simon, who has many years experience in agriculture.

We welcome you to contact us any time with any questions. If you would like to visit us and pick up produce from the farm please give us 24 hours notice.

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What Our Customers Say:

  • I don't remember the last time I ate a potato that tasted like, well, a potato. I hadn't realized how tasteless some food had become until you brought my taste buds to life.
    Sylvia, Toronto

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